Sunday, 15 April 2012

Siva Carbon Skateboard Deck Brackets

How Do All ;-)

Here is a preview of my new, Siva (Shiva) Carbon skateboard deck brackets.

I have been working on these for longer than I care to remember now, and with trips away and other stuff going on it has been a bit of a start stop job.

I made these to replace my hand made alloy brackets which I have been riding on for a few years now and loving very much; and as the angles have been dialed in to suit my style and end use. I decided the next step was a full Carbon set.
I have put them on my old deck for the moment to get a proper comparison between these and the Alloy brackets, but there is also a new Siva deck in the making to compliment the brackets. 

The brackets are solidly made using many layers of Carbon fiber and some triaxial glass fiber, this does not save a great deal of weight over the original brackets, but stiffness and longevity were my main concerns here, there is the possibility of a lighter version in the future.  

The front bracket is +21.5 degrees and the rear is -7 degrees, for me and my set up these are the perfect angles. not too dead in the rear and just the right amount of wiggle up front for squirreling around town. 

Below: detail of the BB Vinyl logo, kindly made and painstakingly assembled by Tim Pritchard's friend Avy.

Below are the brackets mounted on my old Wood, Glass and Carbon Om deck  the new deck will be a little stiffer and much lighter.

I have also made some new bumpers or bash guards for the front and rear made from Black HDPE, which replace the Grey Nylatron ones, I made them a little wider and squarer to give more protection to the ends of the brackets. these are pictured below.

Also featuring and in test on this deck is the new "Kick 2 Switch" footstop modification.

I have only had a short time to test the new brackets but initial tests made me drool a little, so all is good. 

There are more pictures here:
Siva Carbon Deck Brackets

Thanks for looking.

Take care,
Barry ;-)

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Alex said...

Wow, amazing project! Are these really extremely durable? They seem a little thin. Could you enlighten us a bit on the lay-up and thickness of your brackets? And what method for forming them (vacuum?) did you use?
They seem absolutely amazing!