Monday, 29 October 2012

Rope. For Sale!

How Do All ;-)

Below is a list of rope I have that I am looking to give a new home to. The reason for selling is that I need to make space, and I no longer have a need for so much stock.

Most of this rope is brand new and is full 220m coils which have not been opened!
I have noted below any coils that I have used rope from and exactly how much I used, I keep notes of pretty much every thing ;-)

The prices below are the same price or less than the original trade prices I paid, including the VAT. I have reduced the prices for any coils I have used cord off of, taking the amount into account.

Please note: the ropes will need to be collected from West Drayton, Middlesex, 1 mile North of Heathrow Airport. alternatively if you can arrange your own courier pick up I will weigh the items and give you dimensions.
I will accept Cash, Bank Transfer to my Nationwide account or Personal Cheque in advance of collection (must be cleared first) unless I know you personally.
I am also open to offers for multiple purchases.

Please feel free to contact me: 
knotty (dot) bear (at) gmail (dot) com

Grade 1 Manila, 220 Meter Coils. 3 strand
6mm brand new and unopened. £19.00 I have 2 coils of this.
8mm brand new and unopened. £28.00
12mm brand new and unopened. £53.00
14mm brand new and unopened. £68.00
18mm  23 meters used from this coil 197 meters left. £110.00

Synhemp 220 Meter Coil. 3 strand
10mm  6 meters used from this coil. 214 Meters left. £55.00

Liros Ropes
Below is all the Liros ropes I have, these are pretty expensive ropes due to the nature of the material and intended end use, I have included links to the Liros site and direct links to the product pages so you can check the specs.
Liros Ropes Classic Line, Mat Buff Polyester. 3strand 200 Meter spools
8mm £140.00 I have used less than 2 meters from each of these spools.
10mm £178.00
Liros Classic Line, Mat Buff Polyester, 16 plait double braid. 200 Meter spool
10mm £278.00 I have used 10 meters from this spool.

Thank you for looking.

Take care,
Barry ;-)

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