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PSD Outside, Footstop Review.

How Do All ;-)

Too long ago!!! I received a pre-production "Outside" footstop from my Friend Tim, at PSD                                           http://www.pritchardskatedesigns.com/
Sorry for the delay in reviewing this Tim!

The Outside footstop in place on my Carbon Siva Deck.
(NB. the screw post mounted in front of the footstop in these pictures is not part of the footstop! this is the mounting post for my Kick 2 Switch Footstop)

Designed by Tim at Pritchard Skate Designs in the UK and manufactured by RipTide Sports in the U.S., the OUT-Side Convex Footstop is made of a resilient 65d (105a) Urethane. Not only does the Urethane make the FootStop extra durable, it allows it to mold to the shape of your deck.

The material reminds me of a Maynard's Wine Gum, but tastes no where near as good ;-)   

Just for comparison, the Outside with my modified PSD FWD to Barrier footstop on top, 

The Outside is super light, will conform to the concave of your deck and is simple to fix using the existing truck mounting holes and slightly longer screws, takes but a few minutes to get one of these puppies on your deck, so no excuses for not having one!

You can adjust the footstop 20mm back and forth so you can dial in that sweet spot, sadly due to my Kick 2 Switch mounting post I was not able to positing it as far forward as I would have liked.

The idea of the Outside is that you can ride with you foot at any angle due to the wide radius of the face, this also makes riding both regular or goofy possible without having to move the footstop as you might have to do with a concave fixed footstop like the "Inside" this is also good if you share your board with a friend that is opposite footed to you.

I took the outside for a test ride on my Carbon Siva and headed off for a 17 mile / 27 km around Heathrow and the surrounding villages before heading off to work, Oh' the joy of only working afternoons ;-)

One of my favorite stops on the route is the Secret Garden (my name for it any way) at T5 Heathrow which this year is sporting a range of bright coloured wheelbarrows planted amongst the trees, looks like they are trying to take off!
Nice and out of the way of the main forecourt, with trees and raised beds to pump around I was able to spend some time pumping in circles and figure eights, both goofy and regular.

Formation Flying!

The outside has a nice grippy feel which locks your foot into place due to the deep moulded grooves in the face, this really helps to stop your foot migrating towards to edge of the deck and you need not worry anymore about foot wheel bite, which can be a nasty sudden stopping affair and a face full of pavement ;-)

A complete waste of good LDP space, the other T5 pump playground with water fountains, that's the first time I have seen them working, and though very nice to watch the show I would rather riding on a nice dry surface ;-)

Siva and Outside.

In conclusion: if you like to pump switch or want to try pumping switch, just like to move your foot around a lot whilst riding or like to share your deck with anyone else that might be goofy or regular then this could be the footstop for you! 
I personally prefer the feel of the concave face on the Barrier or FWD, now the new "Inside" as this gives a much larger contact area to me foot which I like. but even after 17 miles the outside caused me no pressure pain, like a small diameter busing can do, especially with sift shoes on.

as I have said before: You can't go wrong with one of these puppies on your board! 

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Take care,

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