Sunday, 30 November 2014

Roadhawk / Dogcam Ride+ Bullet camera, test ride!

How Do all ;-)

This is a test video using a Roadhawk / Dogcam Ride+ Bullet camera.
After being hit in the face with a bottle shaped projectile hurled from an oncoming car (full fizzy pop bottle I might add) I decided a black box type camera with loop recording and date/time stamp would be a good idea.
The pop bottle was open and the fizzy liquid (thankfully not piss this time) temporarily blinded me so I was unable to react quick enough to see a number plate, hopefully the camera will be able to help me out here, and give me a leg to stand on should I have cause to prosecute.

The camera is mounted on top of my helmet, and I rode to work in daylight and home in darkness to get an idea of how good the camera is in different conditions.

Thank you for watching.
Take care,
Barry ;-)

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