Sunday, 30 November 2014

Roadhawk / Dogcam Ride+ Bullet camera, Another little test ride!

How Do all ;-)

This is another little test video using a Roadhawk / Dogcam Ride+ Bullet camera.
its just a mish mash of snippets from Sunday's ride to the Chilterns with Graham Williams.
I used the external camera battery to extend the recording time to 5.5 hours'ish,
due to the time length of the ride lots of the footage from the beginning was overwritten (camera is using a 32mb micro SD card) and also the last hour or two of the ride were not recorded due to lack of battery life.
I only plan to use this camera for commuting so time and space are not a problem!
i am very happy with the quality of this tiny camera though maybe the brightness setting need tweaking a little which can all be done with the cameras software.

Thanks for watching!
Take care,
Barry ;-)

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