Thursday, 9 April 2015

Easter Ride to Fairoaks

How Do All ;-)

Here is a little video from the weekend (Sunday), a short trip out to Fairoaks Airport for lunch.
I was riding my new Gaia (Challenge Fujin Sl1) which I have just rebuilt and Adrian riding his new G20 (Bacchetta Giro 20) which was mine the day before! I had just rebuilt with all new steering and then sold it to Adrian as he would not stop bugging me for it since the day I acquired it :-D

Graham mentions in the video that this was our first outing on the bikes, but he has no clue! we were out Friday in the rain, and Saturday playing with the traffic in London town, great fun zipping through the gridlocked traffic along the strand on a low racer ;-)

Take care,
Barry ;-)


Author Graham Williams said...

Well its not that I did not have a any knowledge of what we have done, its just in the past this winter we have not ridden any think different, as we did this day. plus its I think the first Time I made a video as to it being some what a different ride.:-)

Knotty Bear said...

You obviously forgot what you said in the video! You said it was the first long ride out for us on the bikes when the previous day was longer and Friday not bad either.
And anyway, stop bothering me, I don't even know who you are, bloody foreigner! :-P