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For Sale, Nazca, Quetzal Tandem

How Do All ;-)
For Sale!
Price Reduced!!
Nazca, Quetzal Tandem!
£4,900.00 £3,950.00 Or very nearest offer!

(Graham at the Rusty Bike Cafe)

For Sale on behalf of my Friend Graham. 
Please contact Graham for further information:

It is with great sadness and regret, that Graham and I have come to the realisation that we can not safely ride the Quetzal on the road in an enjoyable manner.
Due to my lack of counter weight and height, and Graham not being comfortable or confident on two wheels and also having difficulty with an off balance feeling, neither of us feel that we could actually go loaded touring and have a relaxing time doing so. had I been taller / heavier this would not have been a problem!
So we have decided that it is best to sell the Quetzal and buy a Tandem Trike instead which in our case was much easier for the both of us.

(Me at the Mama Mia Cafe in Windsor)

Please Study the many photos, which for an integral part of the description.

The Quetzal was bought from Nazca Bikes in 2017 and is in Excellent, New condition! we did however have one small accident due to a diesel covered roundabout and a very small amount of cosmetic damage was caused to the front handle bar (which we have a brand new replacement for) and also Cosmetic damage to the two right hand side brake levers, both of which function perfectly still, but a new replacement is included in the package for the stoker brake which you may wish to fit,or not. The frame, seats and all other parts of the bike remain undamaged as the handle bars and our bodies got scraped instead!

(The Quetzal without the extension frame section)

The Quetzal originally cost well in excess of  £5,100.00 GBP not including the shipping costs, and has lots of additional items which were optional extras from Nazca Bikes, like full touring racks, 180mm disc brakes, extension frame section, ventisit seat pads additional mirrors etc.
The Quetzal also comes with some spares and extras, please see photos for details.

the bike can be easily separated and folded in half making it very easy to transport, in the normal configuration (without the extension spacer) the frame is hinged and this make folding it a breeze.

Due to Graham being over 6 feet tall a spacer / extension frame section was ordered from Nazca and is fitted just behind the stokers cranks, you can see this in the photos and also without it in the photo above.

This Quetzal is fully and properly serviced, set up and adjusted and is ready to ride today (barring adjusting the leg length)! with no further tinkering or twiddling needed, unless you want to of course!

Graham is more than happy to have anyone come visit Him and examine the Quetzal without obligation. He is in the Hayes area Hillingdon, Middlesex.

Please note: spd pedals are fitted to the bike and can be used for a test ride, but are not included in the sale, unless you wish to purchase these separately.
Also please note: that we will try to accommodate anyone wishing to test ride the bike, however we will not shorten or lengthen the chains, or remove the extension frame section as to do this for every person would be unreasonable. we will however adjust to boom length for the captain within reason.

If you are interested in this item please contact Graham for further information:

For Sale!
Price Reduced!!
Nazca, Quetzal Tandem!
£4,900.00 £3,950.00 Or very nearest offer!

The Photos:

(Graham at Burnham Beeches)

All the following photos were taken on the 18/05/2018
and show the tandem in is current condition /configuration:

(Scrape to right Captains brake lever)

(Scrape to right side Captains handle bar)

(Scrape to right side Stokers brake lever)

(Shimano XT rear derailleur and 10 speed cassette)

(Rear Carrier Light)

(High and Low rider rear carriers for carrying four panniers)

(Dual rear shock absorbers)

(Rear head rest)

(Front head rest)

(Stokers triple cranks 170mm, and Shimano 105 derailleur)

(open cockpit steering or superman steering if you prefer)

(Front seat is a medium sized sport seat, with Ventisit seat pad and head rest)

(Rear seat is a large sized comfort seat, with Ventisit seat pad and head rest)

(Front Fork, 26" (559)Wheel, 180mm Avid BB7 Disc Brakes and Schwalbe Marathon Plus 47 x 559 tyres)

(Front cranks, 39 teeth ring and protector)

(Front handlebar, Bells, Mirrors, Avid brake levers and Shimano gear shifters)

(Stokers cranks and front chain tensioner)

(The extension frame section, easy to fit or remove)

(Bottle Cage mounting plate on front seat stays)

(Fully adjustable head rests on both seats)

(Rear kick down stand)

 (Rear180mm Avid BB7 disc brake)

(Rear frame pivot plates and bearing)

(Spares: front handlebar, inner tube, gear/brake cables for shorter rear end set up, handlebar grips, stoker brake lever, mirror mounting parts)

Thank you for looking!
Take care,

Barry ;-)

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