Monday, 24 June 2019

Solo Penny Pride Ride

How Do All,
Last year at this time I went on the London Pride Ride to show my support for the freedom to be whom ever and what ever you choose to be, and to be with and love whomever you wish to.
The ride was great fun and I met some awesome people.

This year I am suffering a cold so did not go into London and join the ride, but I did however go for a short ride around Heathrow and found my own little rainbow to ride under and show my support, whilst making quite an attraction for the travellers going in and out of Terminal 5, Heathrow airport.

Here's a couple of pictures from my mini, solo Penny Pride Ride.

A rainbow of umbrellas, but not a drop of rain in sight!

The Whole World Is My Stage!

In Quiet Reflection.

Thank you for looking,
Take care,
Barry, The Knotty Bear.

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