Saturday, 23 January 2021

24" Club Freestyle Unicycle For Sale!


£90.00 or very nearest offer!

How Do All, 
Most if not all of my bikes are going up for sale over the next few weeks / months!
Due to my over active and heavy duty active life style, and overloading and breaking my body in all the wrong ways, Osteoarthritis has finally caught up with me, and I am now dealing with severe pain and spasms in my lumber spine and sacroiliac joints of the pelvis, preventing me from riding without considerable pain. 
I have all but given up riding in the last 6 months and now only commute to work 3 days a week out of necessity.
I also took a header on the Penny Farthing just before Christmas, riding home from work I got caught out by the ice going up an incline on a canal bridge and ended up hanging from the railings by my right arm, my shoulder is now strapped up and is going to be a long time recovering. 

Here I have my 24" Club Freestyle Unicycle for sale, this is Brand New, Unused, and completely Immaculate with no scratches or damage. Please see the honest pictures to confirm this. 

I have only assembled it and then put it on the shelf, I was using a 20" (sold) & 26" Unicycle at the time and then stopped riding (trying to) quite suddenly due to my back, so I had no chance to even test it out, sadly!

Included with the sale is the instruction card and tools.

I ask £90 for this and am happy to ship this via courier for £7 

I also have a brand new 2 bolt nimbus seat post clamp, which I will offer at cost price if wanted for this unicycle, £5 

Payment via: cash on collection, Bank Transfer to Nationwide, (PayPal, but only if as to a friend for money owed) as I will not accept the PayPal charges.

Collection is from UB79DR

Please feel free to ask me any questions

Thank you for looking,


This is a gorgeous Unicycle and needs no work or improvements, you can ride off into the sunset with no worries at all.
If anything has been missed or you have any questions, please feel free to ask!

I am more than happy to have anyone come visit me (obeying Covid safe distance rules!) and examine the Trike. I am in the Heathrow Villages area Hillingdon, Middlesex.

If you are interested in this item please contact me. 
knotty dot bear at gmail dot com

The price I am is asking for this Unicycle is:
£90.00 or very nearest offer!

Thank you for looking!
Take care,
Barry ;-)

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