Saturday, 6 November 2021

ICE Trice X2 Expedition Tandem, For Sale!

 How Do All,

Genuine very near offers will be considered!

Graham at Boulters Lock, Maidenhead.

I am selling this tandem on behalf of my friend and world renowned author Graham Williams. 
Graham acquired this beautiful tandem in 2018, and together we fully refurbished and upgraded it with all new parts and lots of nice new ICE kit, turning this into a one of a kind thing that dreams are made of!
Sadly, due to my body deciding that it has had enough of fun cycling, and times changing for both me and Graham, Graham has reluctantly decided to put the tandem up for sale, Sorry Graham!

The frame and paint work were in such excellent condition that we didn't need to repaint anything.

We did however replace the seat frames and seat covers with brand new up to date versions, with special red stitching to match the Tandem. also head rests, one is a brand new version, one is an older version. The original seats, covers and rear seat mount will be included with this sale for completeness.
Graham had ICE manufacture a new layback rear seat mount so he could move the seat further back (he is very tall) this and the original are included.

A complete new drive train all cranks (150mm crank length), chain rings, chains etc are brand new, new rear derailleur. all brand new chain idler pulleys.
New pedals.
All cable housings, cables, joiners etc are brand new. 

All the tyres and tubes are brand new.
We have installed all new Ice mudguards in black but the original silver ones are still included in this sale for completeness

The hydraulic brake system is Shamano XT on Hope hubs and disk rotors, fully drained, fresh oil and bled.
There are two parking brakes operated from the front and rear seats.
We added lots of new ICE mounts for mirrors, cameras etc. and there are more bottle cage mounts and extra bottle cages than you can shake a stick at!

All of the original parts that came with the Tandem have been saved and will be included with the sale, along with some new spares. 
One thing of note! it is possible to separate the tandem into 2, 3 or 4 sections for transport if needed. and also the rear of the tandem and the front of the tandem can be combined to make a solo trike. identical to what was sold as the Trice Explorer trike, so it has great potential as both a tandem and solo trike, it would need some setting up so not a quick job to do as chains and cables would need adjusting to suit.

This is a gorgeous tandem trike and needs no work or improvements, you can ride off into the sunset with no worries at all!

If anything has been missed or you have any questions, please feel free to ask!

Please see all the honest pictures for a full 360 visual examination, and extra details.

Graham is more than happy to have anyone come visit him and examine the Trike. he is in the Hayes area Middlesex, just minutes away from the Hillingdon Cycle Circuit.

If you are interested in this item please contact me. 
knotty dot bear at gmail dot com

The Details:
Inspired Cycle Engineering, Trice X2 Expedition Tandem.
Please see pictures for extra details and points of interest!

Original specs as the Tandem was bought from ice:
This tandem was customised at the time by ice to include:
Rear Carrier with mounting kit.
Upgrade to Hope Sport front hubs and disk brakes.
Full SKS mudguards and custom ICE mounts.
Two Mirrycle mirrors and Ice mirror mounts.
Front light mount on boom. etc.

At Burnham Beeches.

Riverside, Maidenhead

The Rusty Bike Café.

The Pictures:
Taken on 05/11/2021

Original cranks, pedals, rings etc included!

Two rear parking brakes.

Front seat.

Under the rear seat, note: we have used an ICE mount hear also to move the seat further back, this can be removed and the seat moved forward to it's original mounting.

Please note: in front of the rear seat one of the bottle cage braze on bosses is broken but still serviceable using the Velcro strap, we planned to fix this at some point but never got around to it. I will however offer to machine a new bottle cage boss and braze it onto the frame for the new owner! you will have to paint a small area around the braze site where the paint will need to be removed for brazing.
please ask for more details.

Stoker cranks and loads of cage mounts!

front cruciform junction and steering headset, nice brazed lugs.

New XT rear mech.

Rear flag mount and the layback seat mount specially made by ICE for Graham.

Rear rack, and Cateye light/mount included,
please note the seat will move further forward with the original seat mount fitted, and give more room on the rack top.

New idlers and chains under the front seat.

Stoker seat.

Extra cage mounts for pilot.

Right control for rear 3 speed internal hub gear and 9 speed cassette.

Shimano XT hydraulic levers

Front light mount

Front crankset and 

Pilots control for stokers triple crankset 

Hope hubs and disks

There are new spare chains, Cable, the old rear cassette and other parts too.

Flag can be fitted behind pilot of stoker.

If you are interested in this item please contact me. 
knotty dot bear at gmail dot com
Genuine very near offers will be considered!


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