Saturday, 1 January 2022 52" Mk4 Penny Farthing For Sale! Excellent condition!

A Genuine near offer may be considered!

How Do All,

Here I offer for sale my 52" Mk4 Penny Farthing, in Excellent condition! no damage at all!
(details of this bike can also be found here at the UDC website: Mk4 Penny Farthing )
I bought this High Wheel in September 2019 after winning the European Penny Farthing Championships in Belgium as a stand in for my bike which was damaged after the races.

I removed the seat post and fitted a SHW race saddle which is sprung and sits much lower on the back bone (frame) making it easier to use the pedals in the longest position which is great for hilly terrain.
The section of Velcro behind the saddle was to stop my saddle bag from rubbing the paint.

The bike originally had two upper steps opposite each other but this made mounting awkward for me as I kept hitting my shin on the upper right step, I removed this step (see pictures) I have the removed part which can be welded back on if you so desire.
The lower step is positional and you can adjust the height and angle of it, or if you have long legs you can remove it completely and mount traditionally with just one step.

The VCX+ cranks have three sets of pedal threads so you can change between 100mm, 125mm and 150mm crank lengths to suit your preference, whether you be racing, hill climbing or just out for a jolly.
The pedals are the original, brand new and unused platform pedals which came with the bike as I use SPD's
My leg length from the bit between my bits and the floor is 33" wearing trainers if that helps with sizing.

There is a Light mount fitted to take an Edelux or B+M light. please see pictures for example. I ran my light from a 7.4 volt Li-Poly battery pack.

As I used this bike for commuting during 2020 I added lots of my favourite reflective love hearts which looks awesome at night and really make you visible to cars. they can be peeled off if you prefer.

The handle bar is brand new as I fitted swept back race bars.
There is a rear brake.
The fork angle can be altered by sliding the rear fork in and out of the frame.
This bike took me to some very Beautiful places!

The Details:
Year of manufacture 2019, Colour: Ocean Gloss Black.
Saddle: SHW Race Saddle
Forks Frame: 52" UDC Mk4
Cranks: Nimbus VCX Plus ISIS Cranks - 100/125/150mm (Polished)
Pedals: Aluminium Studded Pedals (Black) Brand New, Unused
Handlebars: UDC Penny Farthing Aluminium Handlebars (Black) 
Brand New, Unused
Black Handle Bar Tape Brand New, Unused
Rear Brake: Tektro R539 Long Drop Brake (Black)

Front Wheel-Size: 52"
Front Rim: UDC Penny Farthing Rim - Anodised in Black
Front Tyre: Standard Highwheels Type #1
Front Hub: UDC Penny Farthing ISIS Hub - 64 Hole, Black
Front Spokes: 64x 12g Stainless Steel with Brass Nipples

Rear Wheel-Size: 18" (Nominal size)
Rear Rim: UDC Penny Farthing Rear Rim - Anodised Black
Rear Tyre: Standard Highwheels Type #1
Rear Hub: UDC Penny Farthing Hub - 28 Hole, Black
Rear Spokes: 28x 14g Stainless Steel with Brass Nipples.

Weight: 15.01 kg

This is a gorgeous Penny Farthing and needs no work or improvements, you can ride off into the sunset with no worries at all!

If anything has been missed or you have any questions, please feel free to ask!

I am more than happy to have anyone come visit me and examine the bike. I am in the Heathrow Villages area Hillingdon, Middlesex.
If you are interested in this item please contact me. 
The price I am is asking for this Penny Farthing is:
A Genuine near offer may be considered!

Thank you for looking!
Take care,
Barry ;-)

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