How Do All ;-)

This page is a selection of videos from some of the rides I have been on with my friends, filmed either by myself, Graham Williams or other persons, Credits with video!
Also contained here will be some of my other cycle, skate or knotty related videos.

Thank you for looking!

Take care,
Barry ;-)

Riding my "Fling"? machine, with Graham Williams.
Video by Graham Williams.

How Do All ;-)

Here is a little video from the weekend (Sunday), a short trip out to Fairoaks Airport for lunch.
I was riding my new Gaia (Challenge Fujin Sl1) which I have just rebuilt and Adrian riding his new G20 (Bacchetta Giro 20) which was mine the day before! I had just rebuilt with all new steering and then sold it to Adrian as he would not stop bugging me for it since the day I acquired it :-D

Graham mentions in the video that this was our first outing on the bikes, but he has no clue! we were out Friday in the rain, and Saturday playing with the traffic in London town, great fun zipping through the gridlocked traffic along the strand on a low racer ;-)

Take care,
Barry ;-)

How Do All ;-)

Its been quite a while since summer past and Graham Williams and I spent a couple of weeks trogging* around the Norfolk countryside.

I can't remember if I posted any pictures, videos or BS about the holiday here but better late than never if I didn't already!

Here are a few videos filmed by Graham of the said trip.
Better have your matchsticks ready :-D

The first three videos are just out-takes and oddness, and probably not of a humour anyone else will understand ;-)


A little bit of what you fancy?


Part 1
The ICE Trike tour of Norfolk

Part 2
The ICE Trike tour of Norfolk

How Do all ;-)

This is another little test video using a Roadhawk / Dogcam Ride+ Bullet camera.
its just a mish mash of snippets from Sunday's ride to the Chilterns with Graham Williams.
I used the external camera battery to extend the recording time to 5.5 hours'ish,
due to the time length of the ride lots of the footage from the beginning was overwritten (camera is using a 32mb micro SD card) and also the last hour or two of the ride were not recorded due to lack of battery life.
I only plan to use this camera for commuting so time and space are not a problem!
i am very happy with the quality of this tiny camera though maybe the brightness setting need tweaking a little which can all be done with the cameras software.

How Do all ;-)

This is a test video using a Roadhawk / Dogcam Ride+ Bullet camera.
After being hit in the face with a bottle shaped projectile hurled from an oncoming car (full fizzy pop bottle I might add) I decided a black box type camera with loop recording and date/time stamp would be a good idea.
The pop bottle was open and the fizzy liquid (thankfully not piss this time) temporarily blinded me so I was unable to react quick enough to see a number plate, hopefully the camera will be able to help me out here, and give me a leg to stand on should I have cause to prosecute.

The camera is mounted on top of my helmet, and I rode to work in daylight and home in darkness to get an idea of how good the camera is in different conditions.

A very nice ride out with Graham Williams and Adrian Camm, to Windsor, Maiden Head, Moss End, Windsor Great Park and back into Windsor. a fantastic route through some beautiful countryside and all the fun of navigating through 3 floods due to the torrential rain during the night! Really cool!

Ride to High Wycombe, Burnham Beeches and Black Park 08 06 2014.

Ride to London with Graham Williams.
A shortish 50 mile run to deliver a new trailer box to Graham, then into London for some lunch and a ride about before heading back via different route.
Also a little show and tell about "BikeBrake" the silicone rubber band sold as a parking brake for your bike, trike or?

The Hate Ride!
I hated being stuck in this sort of traffic! even if it was for a good cause ;-)

A 60+ mile ride to Fairoaks Airport via lots of places and back again via lots more! My camera battery died half way through the ride in Windsor so you only have to endure half of what you might have had to! Lucky Buggers :-D

Cuckoo Raa! A quick look about my low racer Recumbent. just a test video and I will do a proper one when the bike is complete.

Adrian Springs his New Ice B2 on an unsuspecting Graham :-) 

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