Friday, 23 September 2011

PSD Foot Stop Review!

How Do All,

The first week in April I received a PSD “Barrier” foot stop from Tim at Pritchard Skate Designs

(Thank You for your perseverance with my many design “must haves” Tim)

I asked Tim if he could make a non adjustable version of his “FWD+” foot stop with just a 5mm hole for fixing; so the “Barrier” came to fruition, this version is 85mm long, 19.5mm tall and 20mm deep across the centre hole (26mm total depth), it also has a recess in the top for the screw and washer; which not only gives a nice clean look to the foot stop; but also means you can use a slightly shorter screw for fixing through the deck and truck.

The material which is a glossy Blue plastic resin; made up layer by layer on a rapid prototyping machine, has a roughish texture which actually gives the foot stop a nice grippy feel which might otherwise be lacking in a moulded or machined version, so using this manufacturing technique actually works in favour or this product, this texture along with the grooved face of the foot stop really locks your foot in place.

The “Barrier” is super light at just 20 grams, but is still very solid and will take a good kicking with your foot; without budging at all.

I decided to install the “Barrier” on my “Om” and took it for a spin around my local circuit doing about 20 miles on the 13th of April, taking in a new part of Terminal 5, Heathrow which I have not seen before; and I have named “The Secret Garden” as it is hidden in a little courtyard away from the main entrance.

The “Barrier” performed brilliantly keeping your foot exactly where you put it; with absolutely no foot creep at all which is a good thing on my “Om” as this can lead to foot and wheel interface, not a good feeling when riding close to the road

This style of foot stop definitely out performs a foot stop made from a tall barrel bushing such as the clear Red Bennett bottom (board side) bushing; which can let your foot creep a little when going for it.
The PSD foot stops will stay where you put them which was something the Aluminium type I had on my slalom deck did not do, (for some a revolving radar type foot stop may be a good thing?)

I spent about an hour in the Secret Garden just doing figure eight’s around the furniture and weaving in and out of the trees; not having to think about my foot position at all.

Did I mention that the foot stop also looks as cool as it works? Well it does! and as nice a bit of “practical” bling as any to add to your set up as any.

You can see many more pictures or product and places visited on the day here:

I have now been using this foot stop for the past 5 months; and it still kicks as much ass as it did the day I put it on the deck, Solid, Dependable, and looks Rad to boot.
Every one that has tried my board has commented on how good the foot stop feels and looks compared to a bushing or other stop.
You can't go wrong with one of these puppies on your board!

Take care,
Barry  ;-)