Saturday, 9 April 2016

The Penny Farthing Dan Show!

How Do All ;-)

Last weekend, a friend and Penny Farthing builder Dan Bolwell was flying into London from Australia to start his European adventure.
A group of us met up with him and we enjoyed a day riding around London on our Penny Farthings, seeing some of the best bits of the city and some of the not so good bits :-D

It was a fantastic day, and a pleasure to meet Dan and and all.

Below are some of the pictures and videos from the day, taken from instagram and through the eyes of many Drop-Jawed individuals.
There are hundreds more photos on Face Book and elsewhere, but this should give you a taste of how great it is to be part of a group of fantastic people and their fantastic machines!

Take care,
Barry ;-)

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Sunday, 28 February 2016

New Shop Items! A Beautiful Hand Braided, Knife, Tool, Wallet or Key Lanyard

How Do All ;-)

I have just added a new item to my Etsy Store

This is a Beautiful hand braided, Knife, Tool, Wallet or Key Lanyard.
Made in Red, 2mm, 16 plait polyester with a small blue fleck in the pattern.
Please see my Etsy Listing. for more pictures and details.

(I can make this lanyard to order, in Red, Blue, Black Fluorescent Yellow or White (see my Dragonfly Brooch listings for actual colours). Also to any length or other custom requirement, please contact me with your request)

The knife, tool, wallet or keys are attached to the end loop with a short tail (loop of cord), made fast with a sheet bend and a doubled wall knot stopper (see pictures), alternatively you can attach whatever you have with split rings or by hitching the item directly to the bottom loop of the lanyard.

The buttoned end can be attached to your belt, belt loops, bag, anything with D-Rings and so on, the uses are only limited by your imagination.

The lanyard is made up from an 8 strand square sinnet, with a 4 strand round sinnet loop in one end, the other end has a button hole braided with two, 4 strand round sinnets, and finished off with a complex rose sinnet knot button.
The button is impregnated with a water proof coating to stiffen the button and make it more durable in long term use.

The total length of the lanyard is 700mm (not including Knife)

A knife / tool lanyard would have been used by a rigger, sailor or any craftsman working at height to attach their tools to their harness, belt, tool bag or other object to save loosing the tool should it be dropped, also possible saving injury or damage to persons and property below.

**Please note: the Dragon Fly Brooch, Leatherman tool, Wallet and keys pictured with this lanyard are not included with this sale, however if you like to buy the matching Dragonfly Brooch you can find it in my store.**

The same design in Blue cord. For more pictures please see here:

Thank you for looking,
Barry ;-)

Friday, 26 February 2016

Knotty Bear getting all Knotty again!

How Do All ;-)

So, it's been a while since I did anything new on the knotting front, and when I get the urge to tie something I don't hold back!
I decided to tie a long pineapple knot with a varied pattern, just to make sure I was still on top of my game.

Below is a picture the finished Pineapple Knot being examined by Buddha.
I think he probably approves.

This is a 90 part x 48 bight, 6 Pass, Type 6 Pineapple Knot, with a varied interweave, tied over a beach combed fishing net float which I found on the beach near my old home town of Barrow-In-Furness

There are loops at each end formed from one long length of 10 strand trapezoidal braid U6, O2, spliced and stitched into a continuous strop.

There are two 12 part x 12 bight, 2 Pass, Type 2 Pineapple Knots sitting either side of the main knot, with a foundation of 8 bight, Single Strand Matthew Walker Knots.

All tied in 1.5mm line.

The braiding of the 10 strand trapezoidal braid in my braiding clamp.

The total length is 190 mm (7.5") x 45 mm (1.75") This would make one very large and very buoyant key fob for your boat keys, or a very nice light or fan pull handle, or the grip on a dirty bag, etc. etc..

The main Pineapple Knot is actually made up from 6 separate 15 part x 8 bight Turk's-Head knots, these are all interwoven into one single knotted covering. the fact this has a varied pattern makes it that much more special.

If you are a Knot Tyer and wish to try your hand at this interweave, or at least one very similar which is easily altered to make this interweave, bearing in mind you should be at least able to tie a standard multi pass Pineapple Knot, then please check out my help tutorial here: Pineapple Knot interweave tutorial. please note, this link will open a new window!

A close up of the finished Pineapple Knot, being examined by Buddha and in my hand for an idea of size

Thank you for looking,
Take care,
Barry ;-)

Sunday, 31 January 2016

Performer, 700c High Racer, For Sale!

How Do All ;-)

£1,500.00 or very nearest offer!

Here I have for sale my Performer, 700c High Racer. 

Ok so here we are again, yet another machine for sale!
I am selling this Performer 700c High Racer as I have just made another purchase, I just can't help myself, can I? :-D

The bike was built up from a Frame kit in 2015 and is in fantastic condition, with internal cable runs for a clean look and a beautiful Pearl Blue paint finish!

I used the bike for long day rides and planned on using it for light touring with an extra-wheel trailer or credit card touring as the rack allows for plenty of kit to be carried.

I have upgraded the bike buy adding the Tortec rear rack, full SKS mudguards, a new Teracycle idler in the return chain line and stainles steel/Nylatron chain keepers.  
I have also added brand new Jagwire cable housings a new stainless steel inner wires.
the jewel in the crown being a brand new Novosport Carbon fibre seat, this is all carbon fibre and not the Fibreglass with carbon/kevlar top sheets that are sold as carbon upgrades for a premium price by some manufacturers!
The bike also has a Kinesis Carbon fork.

This bike is fully and properly serviced, set up and adjusted and is ready to ride today! with no further tinkering or twiddling needed, unless you want to of course!

The Blue High Racer during one of its many days out in the summer last year!
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The Details:
Performer, 700c High Racer Disk.
Year of manufacture 2014, Colour (Beautiful) Pearlecent Blue.
The Frame sports internal cable routing, FSA internal head set and the new ASS mini-bar/tiller arrangement.

Kinesis, 700c, DC37 XC carbon disc fork.

Mavic Cross Ride Disc with bladed, straight pull spokes.
Tyres are Vittoria Zaffiro Pro, 32 - 622 (700 x 32c) and still in great condition with hardly any wear.

Avid BB5 Disk brakes with 160mm rotors and Tektro brake levers. Also included are the original Shimano BL-R550 brake levers, which have mirror mounting bosses attached to take a B+M cyclestar mirror.
Cable outers (housings) are Jagwire CGX-SL prelubed.
Inner cables are Clarks, stainless steel universal cables.

Drive train and gearing:
Cassette is a Sram 11-34 PG-950 9 speed
Chain is a YBN 9 speed with a Sram gold power link.
Crankset is a Shimano 105 Compact 5750 with 34 and 50 teeth rings. The cranks have been shorted to 145mm, which is a great knee saver! 
Bottom Bracket is a Hollowtech II, SM-BB6700
Front derailleur is a FD-R489.
Rear derailleur is a Sram X-0.
Cable outers (housings) are Jagwire LEX-SL prelubed.
Inner cables are Clarks, stainless steel universal cables.
Sram X-0 gear shifters and Sram rubber bar grips.
Pedals are Shimano PD-M520 double sided SPD's.

Other Special items:
Tortec Epic Alloy Rear Rack with stainless steel stays and fixings.
Novosport Carbon Fibre Seat.
Novosport Air Mesh seat pad.
Neck Rest.
SKS Long Board mudguards with stainless steel stays and all fixings.
Spare Brand New Vittoria Zaffiro Pro tyre.

This is a gorgeous bike and needs no cleaning, work or improvements, you can ride off into the sunset with no worries at all!

If I missed anything or you have any questions, please feel free to ask!

Please see all the pictures for a full 360 visual examination.

I am more than happy to have anyone come visit me and examine the High Racer without obligation. I am in the Heathrow Villages area Hillingdon, Middlesex.

If you are interested in this item please contact me via: 
knotty dot bear at gmail dot com

The Price I am asking for this is:
£1,500.00or very nearest offer!

Payment either by Bank transfer to Nationwide account, cash in hand or Paypal (please add 3.4% to total to cover paypal fees unless sending monies as to a friend) 

Thank you for looking!
Take care,
Barry ;-)

The Pictures.
All taken on 31/01/2016 (today)