Monday, 26 May 2014

A Little Ride In The Countryside ;-)

How Do All ;-)    

Went for a little ride in the country with Adrian Camm and Kevin Standish yesterday, my total distance for the ride was 121.64 miles with a riding time of 8 hours 57 mins. My total ride distance was a tad more than that as my computer mysteriously disconnected itself between Hyde Park And Kensington on the way back, but I'm not fussy :-D 

I rode from home in West Drayton to Adrian's in Greenford, then we rode to London via Ealing, Acton, Hammersmith, Kensington and a tea and pee stop in hyde park.

Then on down Oxford Street towards the East to meet up with Kevin in the Lee Valley.

We then headed out through Epping and Epping forest towards the North East? to end up in Great Dunmow, not too sure of all the places in between but you get the idea.

That was a nice leisurely 61+ miles out for me and feeling great but hungry :-) 

After a fantastic spud with cheese, beans and salad, plus some of Kevin's cheese and bisuits we set of back making a loop back to Epping via a slightly different route.

Leaving Kevin back in the Lee Valley we made our way back into town for another pit stop in Hyde Park and headed back towards the west, with glaring sun in our eyes riding almost blind :-D we came back via Kensington, Shepherds Bush, Ealing and Acton and then I left Adrian at Hanwell before heading home via Southall, Hayes, Harlington and back into west Drayton for a well earned cup of Caro and A Pecan and Maple slice, num nums! 

Feeling good today and would like to go for a wind down ride but as it is raining I think I will just play with some string instead :-D 

Take care,

Barry ;-)

Wednesday, 21 May 2014

Speedplay Zero Pedals & For Sale!

How Do All ;-)
Thank you for looking!

If you are interested in any of the below items please contact me via: 
knotty dot bear at gmail dot com

I have here for sale two complete sets of Speedplay stainlees steel  Zero pedals + many extras to go with them, some of which are brand new and unused. the pedals are used but in great condition! please see all the pictures for the whole package.

1 pair Black stainless steel Zero pedals in box, with instructions etc.
1 pair Grey stainless steel Zero pedals, with instructions etc.
2 complete sets of cleats, shims and fixings, Please note: pictured with the cleats are only 3 base plates, but I have found the other one making a complete set!!
1 Brand New complete cleat set with all shims, base plates, fixings and instructions.
2 complete sets of coffee shop caps.
1 brand new set of pedal covers, so you can convert the clipless pedals into regular pedals for use with every day footwear.
New extra shims and fixing screws.

To buy all of this set brand new as described below would cost  £340.00, that is the current prices today on Chain Reaction Cycles. just one set of pedals is £134.95 alone!
The Price I am asking for the whole Shebang is:
£165.00 + £6.50 P+P or free to collect
Postage will be by next day DPD courier or Royal Mail Special Delivery.
Payment either by Paypal, Bank transfer to Nationwide account, or cash in hand.

The whole Shebang.

Black Pedals and new shims.

 Grey Pedals.

Brand New Cleat and fixing set.

2 sets of coffee shop caps and pedal covers/converters.

2 complete sets of cleats and fixings.Please note: pictured with the cleats are only 3 base plates, but I have found the other one making a complete set!!

 Thank you for looking!
Take care,
Barry ;-)