Thursday, 17 July 2014

VIDEO! Trikes & Trailers Tour, Via Littlehampton & Hastings. Part 2!

How Do All ;-)

Here is another instalment from Graham Williams.
This is part two of two from our little tour to Littlehampton and Hastings.
This features the trip from Hastings back home again, a leisurely ride of 103.00 miles ;-) 

Thank you For Watching!

Take care,
Barry ;-)

Monday, 14 July 2014

VIDEO! Trikes & Trailers Tour, Via Littlehampton & Hastings.

How Do All ;-)

Here is a video from Graham Williams.
It is part one of two from our little tour to Littlehampton and Hastings.
This features the trip to Littlehampton and then on to Hastings via Brighton and Eastbourne.

Thank you For Watching!
Keep an eye open for Part Two!

Take care,
Barry ;-)

Friday, 11 July 2014

Trikes & Trailers Tour, Via Little Hampton & Hastings.

How Do All ;-)

I just did a little trial tour to the south coast with my friend Graham Williams to see how we get on together before doing something bigger.
We rode down to Little Hampton from Just north of Heathrow. then along the the coast to Hastings and back home again, the South Downs and the Seven Sisters along the coast nearly killed us as we were pulling trailers and a fair bit of kit, but it was thoroughly enjoyable and I think we both did amazing well! especially my navigating home with no route planned or any other maps other than that on the tiny gps, just making it up as I went ;-)

Below are the stats and some pictures from the ride for any one interested. we visited so many places I have no interest in listing them all here.

Friday 04 07 2014: Home to Little Hampton.
64 miles .
5 hours 30 mins ride time.
11.05 mph average speed.
41.12 mph maximum speed.

 Ready to leave home.



 First taste of the countryside.


First stop at the Speckledy Hen, nice shady bike park.

Overpriced! Pitiful Servings and staff to busy chatting between themselves to take our money, their loss! :-D  

One for my knotty friends.

Graham's Burley Nomad trailer.

Pee stop near Whiteways Lodge Roundabout.

My Trike and Trailer.

What it say's, but it is actually the wrong way! :-D

What it says, and it is the right way.

Arundel Cathedral?

Arundel Castle.

Me, Graham and Arundel Castle in the back ground.

Daisy Fields camp site. Very nice place, friendly service, clean! and good well drained ground.

Its so well camouflaged you can hardly see it! but this is Graham's Velomobile :-D 

My Porch.

Perfectly placed!

A great use for my trailer.

My throne, the wheels make great arm rests!

Saturday 05 07 2014: Little Hampton to Hastings
63.86 miles.
6 hours 14 mins ride time.
10.22 mph average speed.
40.62 mph maximum speed.

 Letting my hair down at the sea side.

Goring Beach Front.


 Goring Beach Huts.

 No F'ing cycling! Feck Off Goring :-D

We actually did not ride along here and used the road instead, but a good photo opportunity.

Nice cycle way in Worthing.



Worthing Pier.

Worthing Pier.


Kite Surfers at Worthing.

Bridge over River Adur, Shoreham.

Old Brighton Pier.

Fuel at Buddies in Brighton.

More Fuel at Buddies! Fat bastards ;-)

Newer Brighton Pier.

Girly Picnic.

Brighton Pier Entrance.

Brighton Eye! :-/

Old Victorian promenade?

Leaving Brighton and heading for Peacehaven.


Cormorant sculpture near Newhaven.



Off road near Eastbourne.

Nice Thatch.

Towards Beachy Head, then Hastings.

Sunday 06 07 2014: Rest Day, Hastings.

Hastings pier and Graham.

A sorry state!

Looking up to Hastings Castle.

Looking up to East Hill Cliff Railway from the sea front.

Lots of pots!

Piano, Piano!

Fishy Art.

Net Maker.

East Hill Cliff Railway.

Graham You Anchor :-D

Net Sails.

Net Needles.


Winkle Sculpture.


We had to climb this hill to the Hastings Touring Park Campsite.
this is no camera trickery. the road was wet when we got there and with no traction I abandoned the trike and pushed it 1/2 mile to the site!

Wood Canoe in the making, true craftsmanship.

Stupid boy! no you can't use my trailer frame as a trumpet!

Monday 07 07 2014: Hastings to Home.
103.63 miles.
9 hours 21 mins ride time.
11.05 mph average speed.
38.97 mph maximum speed.

Ready to leave the Hastings Touring Park.

The Castle at Battle.

Quaint Church at Netherfield.

Redeem The Time!

Nice Roads and shady trees!

My rig.


Old hop/ barley driers?

We road a 2 mile stretch of the Cuckoo trial from Horam heading north to Heathfield after stopping for a great lunch and tea served in real man mugs! @ the Wessens Cafe, a real bikers cafe! well worth a visit.

 Its a very nice Trail!


My New personal stylists!

Thats about where I gave up taking photos, still another 40 miles or so to go before we hit home!

Total distance: 232.70 miles.
Total ride time: 21 hours 30 mins.

Total ascent: 2547 meters (8356.03 feet)
Total decent: 2831 meters (9208.06 feet

Thank you for looking.
Take care,
Barry ;-)