Tuesday, 19 February 2019

Challenge Fujin SL1, Low Racer "Jaffa" For Sale!

£1,050.00 or very nearest offer!

How Do All ;-)
Here I have for sale my Challenge Fujin SL1, Low Racer "Jaffa"

This is, or was my track and race bike, it is in Excellent condition, with only two areas of cosmetic damage (Honest details in the description and pictures) and a beautiful Pearly Jaffa Orange paint finish!

I used the bike for training at the local track (Hillingdon Cycle Circuit) twice a week, and raced in a very occasional BHPC race, as I'm not really into racing.
I have decided to sell the bike now as I have not ridden it since preparing it for racing and not actually racing it last year, and I'm not really interested in racing again, so would rather let it go to someone that will make proper use of it.

This bike is fully and properly serviced, set up and adjusted and is ready to ride today! with no further tinkering or twiddling needed, unless you want to of course!

The Details:

Challenge, Fujin SL1 Low Racer "Jaffa".

Seat height: 33 cm / 13"
Bottom bracket height ca. 56 cm / 22.0"
Wheelbase: 124 cm / 48.8"
Seat angle: 23°, 26° en 29°
Wheel size: 406 / 559
Average weight: 9,6 kg / 21 lbs (excl. seat pad and pedals)
Total weight limit: 95 kg / 210 lbs (rider and gear)

Frame: aluminium Challenge custom
Boom: aluminium alloy
Front fork: carbon monocoque
Seat: Challenge aluminium
Internal cable routing
Reinforced, stainless steel braid cable outers.
Stainless Steel inner cables
Above Seat Steering (ASS) Flip up titanium, telescopic tiller (custom conversion)
Brakes: Challenge rim brake front

Gearing: Ultegra rear mech / 105 front mech
Gear Shifters: Ciustom Modified Sram grip shifts with straight cable routing for super narrow race bar arrangement.
Cranks: shimano 105 triple, shortened to 140mm, set up double for racing, but inner ring and bolts included.
Fitted with special Challenge 7075-T6 55t outer ring and integrated chain guard needed for BHPC races.
Brand new Sram PC991 9 speed chains joined with special joining rivets and a power linked section for leg length adjustment, new spare chain sections included for adjustment.
New rear cassette, either 12/27 or 14/25 will update which later but can supply either or both if wanted!

Hubs: American Classic
Rims: Velocity Aeroheat AT
Rear disk wheel made with heat shrink Orocover aircraft film.
Spokes: Sapim Laser

Tyres: Schwalbe, Durano 1.1" (28mm) x 20" (406) & 26" (559) folding

Other Special items:
Hand Made Air Mesh seat pad, plus original foam Pad
Custom stainless steel neck rest and Air Mesh pillow
Custom made under-slung brake lever in Tufnol and aluminium, seized to the tiller with tarred nylon twine, Knotty Bear style!
Custom Idler arrangement with extra Terracycle return idler and custom made idler bracket.
Custom Faired mirror included also!

Please note:
The pedals are not included with the sale but will be left on to test ride unless you have your own preferred pedals.

There is an area of cosmetic damage on the right side of the seat, this was from the seat back being sat on and bending the side of the seat, done when the bike had a fixed tiller making it awkward to get down on it, this was "repaired" by a previous owner, by unnecessarily drilling the side of the seat and adding an unnecessary strengthening bar without straightening the seat. I removed this and the flaked paint to make sure the seat was sound and then straightened the side of the seat out, the seat is completely sound and needs no further strengthening, I chose not to paint "hide" the damaged area, as this is a race bike and I would rather show the damaged area to a buyer than hide it from them. (see pictures for details)

The top of the front mech post has some paint chipping. (see photo)

Under the front right seat mount some paint was removed when the chain came off the power idler due to a badly made chain keeper, this I have painted and made a proper fitting idler! (see picture)

This is a gorgeous bike and needs no cleaning, work or improvements, you can race off into the sunset with no worries at all! other than adjusting leg length.
If I have missed anything or you have any questions, please feel free to ask!

Please see all the pictures for a full 360 visual examination.

I am more than happy to have anyone come visit me and examine the Jaffa without obligation. I am in the Heathrow Villages area Hillingdon, Middlesex.

If you are interested in this item please contact me via: 
knotty dot bear at gmail dot com

The Price I am asking for this is:
£1,050.00 or very nearest offer!

Payment either by Bank transfer to Nationwide account, cash in hand or Paypal (please add 5% to total to cover paypal fees unless sending monies as to a friend) 

Thank you for looking!
Take care,
Barry ;-)

The Pictures.
All taken on 13/02/2019 unless otherwise stated.

Seat damage on right side, see description!

Front Mech Post paint chipped!

Paint fix under seat mount from chain dismounting.

Ultegra rear mech

105 Font chainset and that lovely custom 55T chainring!

Front return idler

Control arrangement

Ultegra rear mech

Added return idler and custom bracket.

The left hand crank

Inner chain ring removed, plastic plugs in bolt holes, chain ring and bolts included in sale

The Jaffa Orange rear disk wheel

Custom neck rest and pillow arrangement.

Power idler and chain keeper,
Terracycle chain idler and custom mounting bracket.

Velocity Aeroheat rims

The Holy Seat

Sigma computer compatible mounting point, using small zip ties or rubbers, and the thumb pad on the brake lever

Shiny new cassette and chains

Rear seat mount

Some extra, earlier taken pictures of the brake lever, computer mount in use,
Also views of the modified gear shifters, faired mirror, flip up tiller mount, and shortened crank ends.