About Me

I am fascinated about anything to do with knots, whether it be tying a shoe lace, tying into a harness and climbing an ice fall; or hand braiding a new hammock to sleep in after a hard days work or play, I never tire of learning new knots or discovering new uses and ways of tying them.

Though I have spent a fair portion of my life climbing and walking in many parts of the world; where the tying of knots can literally mean the difference between life and death, it is the practical and decorative uses of knots outside of climbing that really interest me.

Above: Photo taken at the New Bedford Whaling Museum, Massachusetts in 2009,

When not fiddling with bits of string, which is more often than not nowadays, my passion is cycling. I build, ride and occasionally race a variety of weird and wonderful machines, including Recumbent bikes and trikes, Penny Farthings, Upright Trikes and so on, if its got pedals I'll ride it! and though not related to knot tying; I find the interlaced patterns of the spokes whilst building the wheels to be very knot like.

 Photo: Annemiek

Photo: Eric Bosman

Photo: Eric Bosman

Photo: Jonathan W

I also like to build or modify my own LDP (Long Distance Pumping) skate boards.
With practice very long distances can be covered without the need to touch the ground and push the board with your feet, Just like surfing a perpetual Paved Wave ;-)

Above: Putting my Carbon Fiber "Siva" through its paces along the River Ruhr in Germany. Photo by Victoria.

 Contact Me: knotty (dot) bear (at) gmail (dot) com