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My Personal Sites:
The Knotty Bear Etsy Shop. 
My Face Book Page.
My YouTube Videos.

Knot Related:

Charles Hamel's personal pages. Many interesting knotty pages.

International Guild of Knot Tyers ~ Pacific Americas Branch ~
More Than Knots.

Stormdrane's Blog. Lots of nice pictures, knots and tutorials.

Ply-Split Braiding:

Cycling & Human Powered Vehicles:

Hillingdon Cycle Circuit. My local race track.

Long Distance Skating:
Dorney Lake. A fantastic place for LDP.
Pavedwave. The home of LDP (Long Distance Pumping)
Pavedwave. Direct link to the Forum from the above site.
Pritchard Skate Designs. Great Foot Stop designs, Ideal for LDP, Slalom and all other Disciplines.
SkateFurther. The home of skating further.

The Weather:

London.XC Weather.

Other Useful & Interesting Links: