A 360 Face Spherical Covering.

The design of the 360 face spherical covering knots pictured here was the brain child of Norbert Trupiano of France, and it is actually a modified Turk’s-Head knot.

Thanks go to Claude Hochet also of France; for making and publishing the over and under table; which I used for making the initial knot. This can be found on Charles Hamel’s Website 

The finished diameter of the balls is 50mm.

The covering knot consists of a single strand making 2 passes in the knot pictured above, and 3 passes in the knot pictured below.

The cores; (also pictured) are musical; Baoding Iron Balls from China.
These have been made and used in China since the time of the Ming Dynasty. 

A “Single” Strand, Extended Version of ABOK #1389.

Yup’ that’s right a single strand version of the two strand knot found in “The Ashley Book of Knots” ABOK as it is known amongst us Knot Freaks.

The knot is shown in the book as knot #1389 in the Turk’s-Head section though not really a Turk’s– Head except in the definition that it is a continuous cylindrical braid.
This knot is related to ABOK #3054; a 17 strand half round sinnet.

ABOK #1389 is actually a two strand knot consisting of an underlying 6 part Turk’s-Head which is  then interwoven with another 11 parts; making this a 17 part knot.

We have the very clever French man Norbert Trupiano to thank for working out the trick to make this knot work as a single strand knot, and Charles Hamel for publishing Norbert’s findings.
Please see Charles Website were you will be able to find more information.

The original Diagram as shown in ABOK has only 14 bights on the edges of the diagram, this extended knot as pictured above left uses a diagram with 98 bights on the edges of the diagram.

I believe that I am only the second person in the world to have tied this knot in its extended single strand version?
And after tying it I can see why ;-)
Anyone else tried it yet?

For  more info on how I tied this knot see my  Blog  post.

A Spool Knitted tool lanyard and name badge lanyard.

Both lanyards are continuous, so there are no visible joins and each is made from a single strand of multicoloured seine twine donated to me by John DeWilde in New Bedford 2009. The spool I made from Acrylic rod stock.  The Diamond wood or Passion Wood Fid was made and kindly given to me by Scott Safier in New Bedford 2009

Woven Cotton Backstrap
For Backstrap Weaving.

Woven in Mercerised Cotton Yarn, the main part of the strap is a thick 3 shed warp faced weave.
The end of which are braided in 5 strand Common, English or Flat Sinnet and the loops left by the continuous warp have 6mm Polyester lanyards with doubled Wall knots tied in the ends, these loops go over the main loom bar, and can be adjusted for length.

Below you can see this backstrap as it started out as a warp on my backstrap loom.

Rope and Canvas Backstrap
For Backstrap Weaving.

Made in 12oz Cotton Duck, with hand seamed Tabling, Brass spur tooth sail grommets.
Adjustable length Polyester Hemp lanyards spliced in with single strand Mathew Walker knots to close up the attachment loops on the main loom bar.
I used this strap whilst weaving the blue and cream strap above.

The Canvas Backstrap in use.

Pineapple Knots.

 Pineapple Knot Key Fobs.
Top row: 5 pass, Type 5, single colour Pineapple knots. Bottom row: 6 pass, Type 1, bicolour Pineapple knots, and one 5 pass, Type 5, multicolour Pineapple knot. 30mm diameter. 

 Pineapple Knot Key Fobs.
Some of my original 6 pass, Type 1 Pineapple knots. 30mm diameter

Pineapple Knot Key Fobs.
A selection of 6 pass, Type 1 Pineapple knots and 5 pass, type 5 Pineapple knots. 30mm diameter. 

 Pineapple Knot Light Pull. (left)
6 pass, Type 6 Pineapple Knot. 45mm diameter. with smaller 2 pass, Type 1 Pineapple Knots.

Pineapple Knot Light Pull. (right)
5 pass, Type 5 Pineapple Knot. 40mm diameter. with smaller 2 pass, Type 1 Pineapple Knots

Pineapple Knot Light Pull. (left)
5 pass, Type 5 Pineapple Knot with altered interweave. 40mm diameter. with smaller 2 pass, Type 1 Pineapple Knots.

Pineapple Knot Light Pull. (right)
7 pass, Type 4 Pineapple Knot, with an altered interweave. (See Tutorial) 40mm diameter. with smaller 2 pass, Type 1 Pineapple Knots.

 Pineapple Knot Light Pull. (left)
5 pass, Type 5 Pineapple Knot. 40mm diameter. with smaller 2 pass, Type 1 Pineapple Knots.
Leather Wild Rag Slides. (right)
Leather core with leather braided Pineapple knot coverings, shown here on a sand washed silk Wild Rag.

 Above: 4 pass, Type 3 Pineapple Knot key fob, with an altered interweave. (variation on above).
30mm diameter.
Below: 6 pass, Type 3 Pineapple Knot, with an altered interweave. (See Tutorial) 35mm diameter.

Moravian Stars.

Made from recycled binder strapping of varying widths.The earrings below are made with 5mm wide strapping 

Single Strand Matthew Walker Knot.

A 21 bight Single Strand Matthew Walker knot made with 3mm Bitumee; a tarred nylon solid braid.
This knot was made using the same method described in my tutorial.

Essentially this knot is nothing more than a collection of carefully interlinked overhand knots in a single line, the trick is in the dressing.
The knot pictured has not been painted or stiffened it is pretty much self-supporting if you handle it with care.

Hitched Bell Rope.

Wood core, covered with 5 different types of hitching; in Flax and Cotton.With two Turk’s-Head knots in Flax.

Featured on the front cover of Knotting Matters #82

ABOK# 2241

A two strand covering over a ring or grommet.75mm diameter, tied in 1.25mm cord.

Cavandoli Knot Fish.

Cavandoli / Macramé Fish, made in 1.25mm line

Sailors Whisk Brush.

Made with 20mm Manila, hitching is antique tarred marline, (over 60 years old)