Rope Mats.

Rope mats where used aboard ships as chafing gear, to protect masts, spars and decks from the damage caused by the constant rubbing and thumping of running rigging, loose blocks and the occasional drunken Sailor.
All of these knotted mats are made with a single continuous strand of rope, unless otherwise stated.
The ends of the mats are finished in such a way that the splice on the back of the mat is hardly noticeable after a little use, this means that after the top side of the mat has had a hard a happy life the mat can turned over and used again, almost twice the life from one mat, bonus!

Above: Large Rectangle Mat.
Made with two strands of 10mm Manila
Size: 960mm x 600mm 

Above: Oblong Mat.
Made with 10mm Manila
Size: 670mm x 490mm
Above: 5 Hitch Oval Mat.  
Made with 10mm Manila
Size: 730mm x 580mm
Featured in Knotting Matters # 94.

Above: 4 Hitch Oval Mat.
Made with 10mm Manila
Size: 630mm x 515mm
Above: Danish Kringle Mat.
Made with 10mm Manila
Size: 550mm x 550mm

Above: Jury Mat.
Made with 12mm Manila
Size: 625mm x 525mm