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A small selection of the tools and materials I have for sale.
If you would like to order any of the items from this page, please email me with details of the items you would like at knotty dot bear at gmail dot com include your delivery address, and I will reply with a total cost including shipping, 
I can then send a PayPal invoice or you can transfer the funds direct to my bank account, whichever is preferable

Please feel free to contact me if you have any questions.

Cord Making Tools & Accessories.

Drill Powered cord maker. Updated version with smaller hooks. 
Ideal for making your own cords for Ply-Split Braiding & all other Cord Crafts.
This machine quickly and efficiently makes cords from all kinds of yarns, including toilet paper and plastic bags if you like, made to your own diameter preference and firmness of lay for soft to super hard,  S or Z laid cord can be made, mixed colour or mixed yarn cords can be made. You are only limited by your imagination and whatever yarn you have. 

This machine is built to last a more than a lifetime using only the finest materials.
A heavy 4.5" diameter PVC body with thick Lexan polycarbonate end plates, steel machine gears, oil filled bronze bearings at all points of contact, stainless steel drive shafts and brazed stainless steel hooks, all fixings are stainless steel. 
This cord maker will fit in any corded or cordless drill with a chuck capacity of  at least12mm (1/2") though I can make a reduced diameter shaft if needed.
The cordmaker comes complete with a 4 hook out end made with recycled Mahogany (or other wood once I have no Mahogany left), and instructions.

 £180.00 + shipping. I can ship anywhere in the world, please ask for a shipping quote 
(as a guide, shipping to the USA & Canada works out around £23.00 fully insured, tracked and signed for)

Paper raffia ribbon cords.

Sisal cords.

Linen cords.

The out end has a reversible aluminium angle bracket which can be attached to the front or back of the wood block so it can be clamped or screwed to any surface, whether that be the end of your work bench or a  step ladder across the other side of your garden.

A drill holder can be made from something as simple as a block of wood taped to your drill, or a custom built drill sled.
(Please note a drill holder is not included with the cord maker as every drill is different I have not come up with  a universal holder yet)

The older version with large hooks and the newer version with smaller hooks, want something different? then please ask.

I have made 3 and 4 hook versions in the past,  however the most popular is 4 hook as commercially available 4 strand cord used for Ply-Split braiding is hard to find.

General Tools.

Hitching Needles.
The best tool for needle hitching, whether covering, beckets, bell ropes, needle cases, bottles and anything else you might like to hitch over.
3", 4", 5", 6" & 8" lengths. supplied as a 5 piece set only. £10.00 

Net Making Tools.

Norwegian Netting Needles.
My Personal favorite, made from super durable Acetal (POM).
Sizes available, all sizes are in mm.

6.5 x 130.  each £3.00
8.5 x 160.  each £3.50
10 x 200.  each £4.50
12 x 200.  each £4.75
14 x 200.  each £5.00
16 x 240.  each £5.50
18 x 250.  each £5.75
20 x 250.  each £6.00

Other sizes available,  please ask. 

Standard plastic netting needles.
 Great for general use, with a full length tine which stops the needle unwinding if you happen to drop it, this is the only standard needle I have found that has this feature! 
6" £1.20
8" £1.60
10" £2.00

Splicing Tools.

5 piece, Stainless Steel Selma Splicing fid set. 
Ideal for splicing 3 and 4 strand ropes, Octoplait rope and double braid /tubular ropes. pictorial instructions included and supplied in a durable plastic tube £40.00

FSE, Robline, Plastic splicing needle set.
With wooden handled pusher full instructions for several splices, 
supplied in a plastic wallet. £15.00

 Canvas Working Tools.

Sailmakers Needles.
Genuine, William Smith & Son, best quality Sailmakers  needles, sold as a set of 7 needles only.  
sizes 18, 17, 16, 15, 14, 13 & 12 supplied in each set. £8.00

Small seam ripper. for use in light cloth. £1.20
Large seam ripper. for use in heavyweight cloth £2.20
Small wooden handled awl. for making holes in tough fabrics or leather. £2.20

Standard 31 gram Beeswax block. £1.50
Highest quality professional Sailmakers Beeswax cake. £5.00

Stainless Steel GripFids.
Please Note: I do not keep stock of GripFids sorry! However; I will make them to order if I have time.
 A must have tool for Ply-Split Braiding, and ideal for all other decorative knot work.
6 & 8mm diameters, with 25 & 30mm Maple wood ball handles respectively.
6mm £15.00
8mm £17.50

Thank you for looking.

Take care,
Barry ;-)