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Sunday 3 April 2022

New Cord Maker Modifications, And Adding A Core To A Cord

How Do All,
I was recently asked by a customer if I could add a central hook to the cord maker which I produce, and also a removable manual crank handle.
The reason for the central hook is that the customer would like to use the cord maker for making cords/rope with a central core, like shroud laid rope.
From the Oxford Reference:" The name given to rope laid up with four strands instead of the more usual three. The strands are laid up round a heart, or central, strand, as the four strands would not bind close enough together, and without a heart would leave a central hollow. Size for size, shroud-laid rope is not as strong as hawser-laid rope. However, it is less liable to stretch, and therefore proved more suitable to be used in sailing vessels as standing rigging."
And the reason for the manual crank handle is so that the machine can be used as a traditional cord maker, using a traveller and rope top for forming the strands into a cord/rope.

Making a cord or rope with a core is not so easy in itself, and made in the traditional method the yarns would have been spun up into strands, and then the core positioned before the rope was laid up, the rope top having a central hole for the core strand to pass through.
Also due to the rope becoming shorter that the length of the strands as it laid up; the core would have to be managed by another set of hands.

My cord maker, and cord making method being completely different from the traditional means that the above method will not work as the cord forms from the centre out, all the time the drill spinning at high speed, so no space, and not safe for another set of hands to manage the core at either end! however my cordmaker can be used single handed so friends or helpers are entirely optional.

So, after trialling several different ways that I could possibly use my cord maker to make a cord or rope with a core strand I finally came up with the one thing that actually works.

I attached a ball bearing swivel to the central hook on the machine, this allows the machine and hooks to rotate as intended without the the central core being over twisted or untwisted, as either of these would effect the lay of the final cord and its integrity.

At the opposite end of the cord/rope walk sits the outend; which replaces the traveller as the cord maker itself travels instead, I added a central hook here also and the core passes over this and off the bench, the end of the core strand is weighted to take up the slack as the strands are initially spun up.

Below you can see the core strand exiting the formed cord.

If you have any questions regarding making cords/rope with my cord maker, either with or without a core; please feel free to ask.

Take care,
Barry, The Knotty Bear

Saturday 17 April 2021

Cord Making Machines.

 How Do All,

I have been busy making tools the past few weeks for customers in various parts of this small world.

Here are a few of my recent cord making machine sets, all now gone, but more are being made in my small workshop and are available to order. 
Details can be found here:  Tools and Materials Shop

Ideal for making your own cords for Ply-Split Braiding & all other Cord Crafts.
Please see my Ply-Split Braiding page for examples of some of the items I make using my own hand made cords.

This machine quickly and efficiently makes cords from all kinds of yarns, including toilet paper and plastic bags if you like, made to your own diameter preference and firmness of lay from soft to super hard,  S or Z laid cord can be made, mixed colour or mixed yarn cords can be made. You are only limited by your imagination and whatever yarn you have.

These machine are designed and completely hand made by myself from the finest materials in my small workshop. I use these very machines myself and I have been making and using them for over 10 ten years without failure.

These outends are made from recycled Oak, some of which had some nice oil? stains.
The wood is sanded and sealed with several coats of shellac.

Detail of the brazed hooks.

Making a 10 meter sample of 10mm diameter sisal rope, made with very fibrous packing twine.

Thank you for looking,
Take care,

Some New Grip Fids.

How Do All,
Whilst busy making cord making machines, I also made up some Gripfids for a customer to go with their machine, which they requested the handle to be left off so that they may possibly carve their own. 
Whilst I was at it I decided to make a new set of Gripfids for myself as I sold all but one of mine to a customer that was desperate to get hold of them. 
There are 1/4", 5/16" ,3/8" and 1/2" diameter Gripfids here.
I also made a small 1/4" double ended Gripfid which I am sure will prove unnecessarily useful! 

I covered one of my smaller Gripfids with a 5 Pass, Type 5 Pineapple Knot, with a varied interweave.
I love these knots, probably my favourite knot to tie and I tie them with no instructions, just straight out of my head and into my hand.

Along side a large covered net float which I found on Walney Island many years ago. 
this is another Pineapple knot with a varied interweave.

Like a star flower

The knot is made up from 5 separate 6 bight x 7 lead Turk's-Head Knots or Casa Knot if you like.
Tied in 1.5mm polypropylene twine.

Thank you for looking.
Take care,

Friday 26 February 2016

Knotty Bear getting all Knotty again!

How Do All ;-)

So, it's been a while since I did anything new on the knotting front, and when I get the urge to tie something I don't hold back!
I decided to tie a long pineapple knot with a varied pattern, just to make sure I was still on top of my game.

Below is a picture the finished Pineapple Knot being examined by Buddha.
I think he probably approves.

This is a 90 part x 48 bight, 6 Pass, Type 6 Pineapple Knot, with a varied interweave, tied over a beach combed fishing net float which I found on the beach near my old home town of Barrow-In-Furness

There are loops at each end formed from one long length of 10 strand trapezoidal braid U6, O2, spliced and stitched into a continuous strop.

There are two 12 part x 12 bight, 2 Pass, Type 2 Pineapple Knots sitting either side of the main knot, with a foundation of 8 bight, Single Strand Matthew Walker Knots.

All tied in 1.5mm line.

The braiding of the 10 strand trapezoidal braid in my braiding clamp.

The total length is 190 mm (7.5") x 45 mm (1.75") This would make one very large and very buoyant key fob for your boat keys, or a very nice light or fan pull handle, or the grip on a dirty bag, etc. etc..

The main Pineapple Knot is actually made up from 6 separate 15 part x 8 bight Turk's-Head knots, these are all interwoven into one single knotted covering. the fact this has a varied pattern makes it that much more special.

If you are a Knot Tyer and wish to try your hand at this interweave, or at least one very similar which is easily altered to make this interweave, bearing in mind you should be at least able to tie a standard multi pass Pineapple Knot, then please check out my help tutorial here: Pineapple Knot interweave tutorial. please note, this link will open a new window!

A close up of the finished Pineapple Knot, being examined by Buddha and in my hand for an idea of size

Thank you for looking,
Take care,
Barry ;-)

Tuesday 1 December 2015

My Etsy Store, Update #2! More New Items!

How Do All ;-)

I have just added some more new items to my Etsy Store Jewellery Section.
Rather than list every single item here in duplicate here are a few pictures of the items, and you can see the full details in my store. My Etsy Store

These are my beautiful Dragonfly Brooches!

Thank you for looking!
Take care,
Barry ;-)

Tuesday 26 February 2013

Some Ditty Bag Bodies, For Sale!

How Do All ;-)

I have just added some more items to my Etsy Shop

New Style Ditty Bag Bodies!
Here I have one Brand New! Ditty Bag body for sale.

The body of the bag is made from 12oz cotton Duck, and is 300mm x 175mm. the canvas is fully hand seamed and the base has a double seam for durability.

This bag has No eyelets installed yet, this is to give you the option of adding your own knot buttons as I have done on several of my bags, However if you would like a set of hand sewn Grommet eyelets installed, I can do this for you at an extra cost of £20.00
Please contact me first before ordering if you would like this option so I can change the listing price!

Old Style Ditty bag Body!
This Clearance Ditty Bag body is one of my older models which I am putting out there for any budding knot tyer that might like to fashion their own ditty bag without the hassle of making the canvas body of the bag for themselves.
The only difference between this older version of my Ditty Bag bodies and the newer version is a slightly longer stitch length.

Please contact me if you have any questions: knotty (dot) bear (at) gmail (dot) com

Please check out my Etsy Shop for more items.

Thank you for looking.
Take care,
Barry ;-)

Sunday 28 October 2012

Sailmakers Roping Palms. For Sale!

How Do All ;-)

These Sailmakers Roping palms were hand made my myself using only the highest quality materials. 

A Sailmakers Roping palm is used for sewing the bolt ropes on to the perimeter of a traditional sail, it is also used for sewing on heavy chafing gear of leather to the sail and for sewing in grommets and rings to the sail. The palm is also used for adding seizings, and putting palm and needle whippings onto ropes.

(Palm #2)
These palms are made with heavy leather and natural rawhide and are lined with plush goats skin. the dimpled iron (needle plate or eye) is machined from solid brass and the whole palm is hand stitched.

(Palm #2)

Once made, the palm is softened in in water and then shaped to the hand, where it takes on its Kidney Bean shape, and then worn until dry, after which the palm will be set in the perfect shape for good, or until you soften it to reshape it.

(Palm #2)

These palms have seen very little use and would make a great addition to any Knot Tyers Ditty Bag.

(Palm #2)

The palms will need soaking for a couple of hours in room temp water then placed into a plastic bag for several hours until pliable, then the palms can be shaped, stretched and moulded to suit your hand. 
There is a new, long length of heavily waxed rayon twine joining the ends of the palms so you can secure the palm at the right size for your hand.

(Palm #2)

Now the business end of the deal!

The price for this item is £22.50

Postage is £3.95 Royal Mail, First Class Recorded in the mainland UK.
All other destinations will be sent by "airsure" or "international signed for" if the service is available for your location, please contact me for an accurate shipping quote if outside the UK, as shipping costs may vary considerably depending on location.

Contact Me: knotty (dot) bear (at) gmail (dot) com

These items are also available to buy via my

You can also view my other items for sale here:

Thanks for looking.
Take care,
Barry ;-)

(Palm #1) Now SOLD