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Sunday 28 October 2012

Knife/Tool Lanyard. For Sale!

How Do All ;-)

A knife / tool lanyard would have been used by a rigger, sailor or any craftsman working at height to attach their tools to their harness, belt, tool bag or other object to save loosing the tool should it be dropped, also possible saving injury or damage to persons and property below.

This knife / tool lanyard is made up from several complex sinnets and lanyard knots, the material is 1.25mm Polypropylene.

Please note: the knife pictured with this lanyard is not included with this sale, however if you like to buy the knife please contact me.
The total length of the lanyard is 725mm (not including Knife)

  Starting from the top loop: This is a six strand round sinnet, followed by a fully tucked Mathew Walker knot, then a strand Star Knot.

 Next is a sinnet of over two crowning, followed by a complex spiral crown sinnet, next a multi strand square crown sinnet.

Next comes a, over six under six lanyard knot, followed by a twelve strand complex solid sinnet.

Next comes a neat Gaucho knot style lanyard knot followed by an eight strand square 

Next a diamond lanyard knot followed by a six strand round sinnet.
Lastly a fully tucked Mathew walker and a four strand round sinnet attachment loop.

Now the business end of the deal!

The price for this item is £110.00 

Postage is £6.95 Royal Mail Special Delivery in the mainland UK.
All other destinations will be sent by "airsure" or "international signed for" if the service is available for your location, please contact me for an accurate shipping quote if outside the UK, as shipping costs may vary considerably depending on location.

Contact Me: knotty (dot) bear (at) gmail (dot) com

This item is also available to buy via my
Etsy Store 

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Thanks for looking.
Take care,
Barry ;-)

Tuesday 2 October 2012

Knotsam & Jetsam.

How Do All ;-)

Nothing much happening at the moment, so just to fill some space, here is a few pictures of a new key lanyard I just made.
When I used to cycle on one of those strange upright bike contraptions, I used to like having my keys to hand, attached to the outside of my rucksack so I did not have to take my bag off to get the keys out and open the gate and back door. 
The buttoned end of the lanyard was attached to the D ring on the shoulder strap, and the keys sat in the side pole pocket. 
Though I ride a proper bike now and don't need to wear the pack, I still like to carry a nice bit of knot work with me ;-)
The end of the lanyard has a 4 strand round sinnet eye which attaches to the key fob, followed by an 8 strands square sinnet. then a split button hole of two 4 strand round sinnets, a short 8 strand square sinnet and a fancy complex button knot.

The cord used is 2mm diameter. and the dragon fly brooch is an optional extra! (really just there for some pretty in the photos ;-)

The key fob is my old trusty double ender! made from scrap recycled, UV reactive Diabolo string.

Lanyard is about 650mm total length.

An 8 strand square sinnet bracelet in 1mm line with a complex button knot.

An old Mothers day gift which I stole back to get a picture, a complex crown knot button, Sunflower ABOK #900 in 3 mm cord, fully stiffened, also with one of my Dragonfly brooches.

A selection of my Dragonfly brooches, in 2mm line, fully stiffened, with a brooch pin incorporated into the knot work, much neater than gluing it on the back.

Thank you for looking.
Take care,
Barry ;-)