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Tuesday 15 January 2013

Cotton Seine Twine and Ditty Bag, For Sale!

How Do All ;-)

I have just added some more items to my Etsy Shop
All Sold Now, Thank you for looking ;-)

This is about 3mm diameter, with a firm lay and very easy to work with. 
900 gram spool (2 lb) , 286 meters (878 feet)
dimension, length, and weights are approximate.

This is about 2mm diameter, with a very firm lay and very easy to work with. 
900 gram spool (2 lb) , 460 meters (1512 feet)
Note: dimension, length, and weights are approximate

The body of the bag is made from 15oz cotton Duck, and is 300mm x 175mm. the canvas is fully hand seamed and the base has a double seam for durability. the body features twisted, drawn thread work, made by removing the weft from the canvas and bunching the remaining warp strands together and then twisting them into several small cords, these are further split and twisted into other cords, and some nice hard wood beads finish of the design.

The grip is of Cotton, and contains; Double Crowning, Pineapple knots in Hemp and Mathew Walker knots. The hanging loop is covered in Cotton Solomon bar. the grip has a coat of my own mixed natural bleached shellac to stiffen and help protect the grip from every day grime.

The slider (bag closure knot) is a Pineapple knot, and the toggle on the base is a Star Knot.
There are 6 beautiful Star Knots around the top of the bag, to which the lanyard legs are buttoned the splices on the lanyard legs are further covered with Turk's-Head knots.
The legs of the lanyard are Flax.
The bag can be converted to a shoulder bag by buttoning Star Knot toggle on the base of the bag through one of the two differently sized hanging loops on the end of the lanyard.

Please contact me if you have any questions: knotty (dot) bear (at) gmail (dot) com

Please check out my Etsy Shop for more items.

Thank you for looking.
Take care,
Barry ;-)

Sunday 28 October 2012

Sailmakers Roping Palms. For Sale!

How Do All ;-)

These Sailmakers Roping palms were hand made my myself using only the highest quality materials. 

A Sailmakers Roping palm is used for sewing the bolt ropes on to the perimeter of a traditional sail, it is also used for sewing on heavy chafing gear of leather to the sail and for sewing in grommets and rings to the sail. The palm is also used for adding seizings, and putting palm and needle whippings onto ropes.

(Palm #2)
These palms are made with heavy leather and natural rawhide and are lined with plush goats skin. the dimpled iron (needle plate or eye) is machined from solid brass and the whole palm is hand stitched.

(Palm #2)

Once made, the palm is softened in in water and then shaped to the hand, where it takes on its Kidney Bean shape, and then worn until dry, after which the palm will be set in the perfect shape for good, or until you soften it to reshape it.

(Palm #2)

These palms have seen very little use and would make a great addition to any Knot Tyers Ditty Bag.

(Palm #2)

The palms will need soaking for a couple of hours in room temp water then placed into a plastic bag for several hours until pliable, then the palms can be shaped, stretched and moulded to suit your hand. 
There is a new, long length of heavily waxed rayon twine joining the ends of the palms so you can secure the palm at the right size for your hand.

(Palm #2)

Now the business end of the deal!

The price for this item is £22.50

Postage is £3.95 Royal Mail, First Class Recorded in the mainland UK.
All other destinations will be sent by "airsure" or "international signed for" if the service is available for your location, please contact me for an accurate shipping quote if outside the UK, as shipping costs may vary considerably depending on location.

Contact Me: knotty (dot) bear (at) gmail (dot) com

These items are also available to buy via my

You can also view my other items for sale here:

Thanks for looking.
Take care,
Barry ;-)

(Palm #1) Now SOLD